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Meet BJ

BJ has been a resident of Credit River for over eight years and involved community member south of the river. He has over two decades of experience working as a public official and leader in the public safety industry. BJ has taught numerous classes and consulted on public safety topics.

He is proud to raise his family in Credit River which includes his wife, two school age kids and their dog. BJ has also been involved in many community activities:

-      Rotary International Member

-      Assistant Hockey Coach

-      Previous YMCA Community Board Member

-      Feed my starving children volunteer

BJ is looking to work with the Credit River community as we transition to a city.

When I was contemplating running for Mayor, I talked with a number of community members about the transition to a city. It became apparent to me that my leadership and values would be a fit for the position. I lead with compassion, integrity and communication. My experience in local government could help set the foundation for the future governance and operation of Credit River. The community members I talked to have a similar reason of living in Credit River. I want to make sure that we preserve that feeling of Credit River as we transition to a city.

My goal as Mayor would be to begin as a city with the BEST. The BEST is not behind us but rather in front of us as long as we set the right foundation to preserve the Credit River that the community loves. As the Mayor I would ensure that Credit River:

-       Begins with a solid foundation

-       Effective leadership – provide leadership as decisions are made during the transition to a city

-       Safe – provide support to our public safety service providers to ensure we receive a timely and effective response to an emergency

-       Transparency – ensure that community members can locate information and participate in the decision-making process for THEIR community.

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